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Tiger Woods Had 5 Drugs in His System After Arrest, Police Report Says The New York Times

Tiger Woods had five drugs in his system when he was arrested in May on suspicion of driving under the influence, according to a report Monday. Woods’ reported slurred speech ignited DUI claims, but his Breathalyzer test registered 0.00 for alcohol, pointing to prescription drugs as the possible culprit. Tiger, recovering from his fourth back surgery, is allegedly taking prescription painkillers including opioids, which can cause drowsiness and slurred speech―and severely impact the ability to drive safely. Following the accident, the sheriff’s department released a list of 13 other wrecks, causing four injuries, that had happened since 2020 at the intersection where Woods crashed.

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Woods suffered horrific injuries to his leg after the incident, with medical experts fearing he may never play professional golf again. He later said that his condition was the result of a reaction to mixing several prescription drugs. The report found that had Woods “applied his brakes to reduce speed or steered to correct the direction of travel” he would not have smashed into the median or crashed. The collision report boosts that notion, said Cherney, who was not involved in the sheriff’s investigation but now works as a forensic crash reconstruction expert.

  • Sadly, the athlete was found to have five different prescription pills in his system including Vicodin, Dilaudid, Xanax, Ambien and THC which all appeared in the toxicology report.
  • Tiger Woods chats and Elin Nordegren at the 2009 President’s Cup in San Francisco in 2009.
  • Woods was subject to testing after being charged with driving under the influence when at the wheel of his car in Florida in late May.
  • According to prosecutors, the superstar golfer will be placed under 12 months’ probation, during which he cannot drink alcohol or take drugs, and he will be required to plead guilty to reckless driving and complete DUI education.
  • “The container had no label and there was no indication as to what, if anything, had been inside,” the report read.

Since his arrest on Memorial Day near his home in Palm Beach County, Woods has not detailed his plans for his future in golf. «When people are in pain, all they’re thinking about is, ‘I want it to stop, and I’ve got something in hand that could make it stop,'» she said, noting that celebrity status improves access to opioids and benzodiazepines. L.A. County Sherriff, Alex Villanueva, came out Wednesday and said there were no criminal charges forthcoming for Tiger — and he seemed pretty emphatic about it …

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Woods’ speech was slurred, and he told officers he was unaware of where he was, per Martin and CNN colleague Rosa Flores. In light of Tiger Woods’ near-fatal car crash Tuesday, where he was seen taking off «fast» and appearing «agitated and impatient» according to onlookers , one can’t help but be reminded of the golfer’s 2017 DUI arrest, and his documented struggles with addiction. Woods checked into a clinic in June to help deal with his prescription drug use. He said in July he had completed treatment, since which time he has been photographed several times in public, including with the new US PGA champion, Justin Thomas, at dinner on Monday.

tiger woods drugs

His last victory was in August 2013, and he has since battled through back surgeries from a week before the 2014 Masters until his surgery on his lower back last month. Honorary Standford Cardinal captain Tiger Woods holds his daugher, Sam, and stands next to his wife, Elin Nordegren, on the sidelines before the Cardinal game against the California Bears at Stanford Stadium on November 21, 2009 in Palo Alto, California. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)Woods was found in the street, unconscious, bloody and snoring, the Post said. A neighboring saw Nordegren, there with the golf club and the Escalade’s two back windows smashed out.

Airbags can cause facial injuries but also combine with seat belts to help prevent head trauma. Woods is scheduled to plead guilty to reckless driving Oct. 25 and enter the county’s diversion program. Three weeks after his arrest, Woods announced that he had checked himself into a clinic to seek help dealing with managing his prescription drugs. Last week, Woods pleaded guilty to reckless driving and agreed to enter a diversion program that could result in eco sober house boston his record being expunged. Woods, in a statement released Wednesday, said he is focusing on his “recovery and family” after the Sheriff’s Department closed the investigation into his crash, and added he was grateful to the good Samaritans and authorities who helped him at the scene. Deputy Carlos Gonzalez, who was first at the scene, reported to the lead investigator that he did not smell alcohol and that Woods’ eyes were not watery nor his speech slurred.

The new facts in the latest Tiger incident are courtesy of a 22-page collision report, obtained by USA Today Sports late Thursday, that reveals several details about the collision sequence and aftermath. Martha Ross is a features writer who covers everything and anything related to popular culture, society, health, women’s issues and families. A native of the East Bay and a graduate of Northwestern University and Mills College, she’s also a former hard-news and investigative reporter, covering crime and local politics. Tiger Woods chats and Elin Nordegren at the 2009 President’s Cup in San Francisco in 2009. (Jose Carlos Fajardo/Staff)Woods’ golf game fell apart, and hasn’t really recovered, the Post said.

Experts say the evidence supports that suspicion, including the way they say his vehicle left the road as if he had been asleep at the wheel. Nearly four years later, on Feb. 23, Woods was found off the road in a crashed car by a local resident who said Woods was initially unconscious. A Los Angeles County Sheriff deputy at the scene asked Woods how the crash occurred. Under the plea deal, prosecutors would drop the DUI charge, which is a more severe charge than reckless driving. If he completes the program, he can ask a judge to expunge the reckless driving conviction.

That led to revelations that he had multiple extramarital affairs and a divorce from his wife Elin Nordegren, the mother of his two children. He spent 45 days in a Mississippi clinic where he was treated for sex addiction. The combination can reportedly cause unconsciousness, slowed breathing and confusion. «I realize now it was a mistake to do this without medical assistance,» he said. «I am continuing to work with my doctors, and they feel I’ve made significant progress.» Woods said in a statement Monday that he had been trying to treat his back pain — which forced him out of competition in the summer of 2015 — along with insomnia on his own.


But the day before Thanksgiving, the National Enquirer ran a front page story that alleged Woods had engaged in a months-long affair with a New York City nightclub hostess named Rachel Uchitel. As that news was breaking, Woods briefly seemed to smooth things over with Nordegren by putting her on the phone with Uchitel, who denied an affair. The New York Post recounted the details of that night in a 2013 report. Woods was booked into the jail in Palm Beach County, Florida just after 7 a.m. And released several hours later on his own recognizance, according to police records.

tiger woods drugs

LA county Sheriff’s Deputy Carlos Gonzalez, who responded to the crash, told CNN that the seat belt Woods was wearing may have saved his life. «He was lucid – no evidence of alcohol, no evidence of any medication or narcotics.» He had emergency surgery on Tuesday night after firefighters had to cut him from the wreckage at an accident hotspot in Rancho Palos Verdes shortly after 7.15am that morning. The golf ace washauled from the wreckage of an SUVhe was driving before being rushed to hospital by paramedics in Los Angeles.

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“It’s embarrassing for Tiger, something that you can’t go back and change,” Begay said on the Golf Channel from the NCAA men’s golf championship where he was working for the network. Begay himself had been arrested for driving under the influence — for drunken driving — in 2000 and served time in jail. In his statement Monday, Woods said he had fully cooperated with law enforcement and thanked Jupiter police and the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office for being professional.

tiger woods drugs

The Washington Post consulted with three attorneys who specialize in traffic cases and reviewed the full reports. Hart Levin, a Los Angeles lawyer who mostly handles DUI cases, said the investigation of Woods’s accident was “highly irregular” in the lack of effort made to test his blood. In another report, Gonzalez said he found the pill bottle in the front pocket of a backpack “resting in the brush” next to Woods’s crashed car.

Woods told officers he was taking Vicodin and Xanax to cope with his fourth back surgery in April. After the arrest, in the early hours of May 29, Woods checked into a clinic in June to get help dealing with prescription drugs, and announced last month that he had completed treatment. A sheriff’s captain said Woods’ low blood pressure “was consistent with shock as a result of collision and the injuries sustained.” The same captain said Woods was «somewhat combative» when they were trying to treat him on the scene of the crash.

The report released this week by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office says Woods had traces of the painkillers Vicodin and Dilaudid, mood drug Xanax, sleeping drug Ambien and THC – the active ingredient in marijuana — in his system. Woods pleaded not guilty to a charge of driving under the influence Aug. 9 but will plead guilty to reckless driving at a hearing Oct. 25. As part of his guilty plea, Woods will enter a diversion program, attend DUI school and perform 50 hours of community service, among other conditions. It’s unclear whether Woods had prescriptions for all of the medications, though at the time of his arrest he told police he had been taking Vicodin and Xanax following a fourth back surgery in April.

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On Wednesday, before the report became public, Sheriff’s Capt. James Powers told reporters, “There was no evidence of any impairment. Following the horrific crash, law enforcement officers have dismissed any suggestion that he had alcohol or drugs in his system at the time of the incident. Smith interviewed a paramedic who described Woods’ pupils as “slightly sluggish,” but the paramedic attributed the sluggish pupils to the trauma Woods had sustained from the collision. A witness, who wasn’t identified in the police report, said that Woods had been drinking earlier in the evening and had also been prescribed the two drugs, Ambien and Vicodin, according to the Post. This was the same witness who reportedly pulled Woods from the Escalade after the accident.

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“We can’t just assume that somebody’s history makes them guilty,” Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy John Schloegl said March 2 when asked by USA TODAY Sports why they weren’t pursuing a search warrant to obtain blood evidence from Woods. “Driver said he did not know and did not even remember driving,” according to a deputy’s affidavit obtained by USA TODAY Sports. When Woods was asked again later at the hospital, he repeated that he did not know and did not remember driving. The officer then approached the driver, who was asleep at the wheel and had to be awakened. In the early morning hours of Memorial Day in 2017, a police officer in Florida observed a black Mercedes stopped on the road in the right lane with its brake lights on and the right blinker still blinking.

The sheriff’s office focused on the intersection where the crash occurred, pointing to other accidents that had happened there. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office said Friday it had not received from the sheriff any complaints for possible criminal charges against Woods. In 2017, after Woods was found asleep at the wheel, he was arrested for driving eco sober house rating under the influence. In contrast to the recent crash, Woods’ speech at the time of his arrest was slow and slurred. To learn more about what happened, the sheriff’s department recently executed a search warrant to obtain the “black box” data from Woods’ vehicle, which could include his speed, steering, braking and acceleration activity shortly before impact.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Tiger Woods had the active ingredient for marijuana, two painkillers and two sleep drugs in his system when he was arrested on a D.U.I. charge earlier this year, according to a report released Tuesday by the police. Golf superstar Tiger Woods had painkillers, sleep drugs and an ingredient active in marijuana in his body when Florida police arrested him in May, a newly released toxicology report shows. Although there was damage on one side of the car, police reported that Woods was not involved in an accident. A toxicology report later showed he had Ambien, Vicodin, Xanax, Dilaudid and THC in his system. He pleaded guilty to reckless driving, received one year of probation and was required to complete DUI school. He even checked into a clinic to get help for his use of prescription pain and sleep medications.

Here’s why Tiger Woods was NOT tested for drugs and alcohol after his horror rollover crash

A Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy found an empty, unlabeled pill bottle in a backpack next to Tiger Woods’ crashed SUV as he inventoried the scene. That same investigator said he had found no evidence the golf legend was under the influence at the time of the Feb. 23 crash but, rather, was in shock, according to a crash scene investigation report. Last week, Woods entered a DUI diversion program as part of a plea agreement resulting from his arrest. According to prosecutors, the superstar golfer will be placed under 12 months’ probation, during which he cannot drink alcohol or take drugs, and he will be required to plead guilty to reckless driving and complete DUI education.